Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bride World!

Wow, wedding season has arrived! I am busier than ever going to beach writing in the sand, and making unique wedding gifts for all my customers. The most popular names in the sand seem to be two lovers names written in the beach with a heart in the middle. This is our classic and timeless unique wedding gift!

I love it when my customers ask for custom style, or have an idea that they would like me to write in the sand. It makes the creative process fun, and the end product is a unique one of a kind gift from the heart.

Allison recently asked me to write her wedding date in the sand, with starfish instead of the "-" dash between the date, and to put and I and a U one each side of the heart. The end result was just lovely! Thanks Allison!

Tomorrow is Bride World show in Costa Mesa, CA! I am excited to attend, and meet with brides in person!!/BrideWorld

Have a blessed day and keep livin' the dream!

Courtney Noelle

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